A lot of people want to make money online, so they find a way through blogging. It is the most lucrative way to express your ideas to the world. There are many ways for making money from your blog but the most important thing is to give attention to your blog. Best bloggers always monitor their blog after a regular interval of time. For example, I can say after every two days they check the upcoming traffic from blog.  Here are few ways to increase money from your blog:

Focus on visitors

Visitors can make your blogging site an attractive platform for advertising. Bloggers are getting millions of page view in a single month. You need a lot of informative and interesting content for that. It is true that experts are posting dozens of articles in a day to attract daily visitors. Regular visitors can easily increase your revenue from your blog.

Banner Ads

These ads are available on various sizes according to different units. Everyone wants to give banner ads but these ads are only possible if you have enormous visitors to your site. The minimum page views per month should be at least 50,000 to get banner ads. Most of the advertisers are paying according to your visitors and page views.

Just like above banner ads, text add are also available on site. The difference is these add includes some text on your site. Some people are attracted toward pay per click which is not a good strategy for building back links. It is true that this is also a method of making money but search engines are smart and can easily detect your tactics. Once you are noticed you may be penalized by Google and your ranking will never up in future.

Work with product and service based companies

If you are a blogger you might have thousands of visitors and friends in your community. You can work with these companies and earn commission. For example while writing your blogs if you include some recommendation about the product then you can get commission for the purchase of product by your reader.


This is another most popular way to earn money. It is the main revenue for many bloggers. A recent study shows women from Australia won the award of “Best Australia Blogs Competition”. She is writing and focussing on women’s in Australian. She strongly believes in Sponsorship.

Interact with people

Invite community members to speak at seminars, workshops and forums. Make money experts use online platform for promoting their books and their speeches. It is the best way for marketing your products and increase credibility for their business.


This is the most common way to generate income. Search engines are giving advertisement on your blog and pay you every month. For every click on your add and you will get paid. This is the nice way as it enhances your site look. These ads won’t give you any tension and payment is always on time.

Provide unique and fresh content

Always provide latest update on your blog in your niche. If you are writing content for your blog regularly, don’t copy content from other side. Try to get more ideas by researching topic thoroughly. If your site contain some content which no other site is providing it will bring more traffic to your site, which in turn increase your visitors.

Write content for other blogs

Some people say that they own a blog and they are writing for their own blog. But many people who are making millions of dollars are writing blogs for other site and earning money from there.

Author Bio: John Steve is a successful entrepreneur who is making millions of dollars through online marketing. He is also providing useful tips on how to become “make money experts”. He is helping many people for starting their own online business.